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Finance and Accounting

The Department of Finance and Accounting manages our accounting services as well as the collection of revenues. By providing leadership in the development and execution of sound fiscal policies, this department also promotes our economic health and stability.

The department provides all ship performance information and accounting, through highly experienced and qualified personnel, allowing ship owners to monitor ships' operations and maintain ultimate control. The department makes use of specialized in-house operating systems, financial and management accounting systems, and purchasing controls that cover all aspects of the vessels' operation and proper accounting of their performance, and revenue management.  The conceptual development and implementation of the company's highly regarded revenue-management systems and procedures also have been overseen by the Financial and Accounting Department. The department complies with internationally recognized accounting standards (US GAAP) and has excellent relations with first class banking institutions and takes much pride in maintaining its excellent name in the industry.

In addition to the above, the Financial and Accounting Department is responsible for the overall management of our financial affairs. This includes negotiating and co-ordinating budgets relative to administrative costs and ensuring funding of the various services we provide. The department administers funds in compliance with all required accounting and financial procedures.

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